Weekend Introspection #1

On Books: 
My TBR list is getting longer and I'm still stuck reading Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs. It's not that the book is boring or uninteresting, but man oh man, Kathy Reichs is so explicit with her descriptions that reading the novel at 2am just gives me the creeps. To quote 2 lines from the book: 
"Margaret Adkins had been ripped open from her breastbone to her pubis. A jagged fissure ran downward from her sternum, exposing along its course the colors and textures of her mutilated entrails. At its deepest points, where the organs had been displaced, I could see the glistening sheath surrounding her vertebral column."
It was already around 2am, Sunday morning when I read the part mentioned above. I just had to put it down or else "Hello over active imagination." I fell asleep praying and asking God, "Guard my thoughts and guide my heart." Note to self: Read the book during daytime, with people around, and not before bed time.

On Music:
I currently have Ingrid Michaelson on repeat mode that she must be hoarse from singing over and over again. Not familiar with her? 
"I love the way you call me baby and you take me the way I am..."
Her genres are Indie Pop and Indie Folk. Most of her songs have been used in Grey's Anatomy. To learn more about her, click here.

On Movies:
I still have a hangover on Inception. When I start discussing the different interpretations of the movie to my friends, I either get the silent treatment or be told "Let it go." Seriously my friends, intellectual stimulation! Anyone willing to strike a discussion with me on Inception, my twitter is on the right side bar or PM me. My Skype and YM are also online most of the time. Anne... LET it GO! =)

On TV Series:
Anyone watching So You Think You Can Dance Season 7? It should have been called "So You Think You Can Get Injured" with the numerous injuries the contestants sustained. Two contestants (Alex Wong and Ashley Galvan) had to leave because of serious injuries. Billy Bell, Jose Ruiz and Lauren Froderman were also injured. Despite the ravings of the judges on Alex Wong, I'm pro-Billy Bell! When he was eliminated, I was then rooting for Kent Boyd. He did not win also. Tsk.

Favorite Group Routine: "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", Choreographed by Mia Michaels.
Favorite Duo Routine: "Mad World", Performed by Billy Bell and Ade Obayomi, Choreographed by Stacey Tookey
Best Performance in Season 7: "That's Life", from the Broadway Show Come Fly Away, Performed by Keith Roberts and Karine Plantadit
        --> They were the guest performers during the Week 1 Results Show and trumped all the performances combined.

There were also notable performances like Ashley and Ade's Dee Caspary routine and Travis Wall's routine dedicated to his mother. There was a change in the format of the show. They only selected 11 people and the contestants were partnered with a contestant from previous seasons, thus Ade. I'm hoping in the next season, one of the choreographers will create a dance (3 dancers in one routine) about adultery and how destructive it can be. Then partner it with Damien Rice's 9 Crimes song... I can just imagine it. Chills... Calling Mia Michaels, Dee Caspary, Travis Wall or Stacey Tookey...

One question: Why is it that Cat Deeley can effortlessly pull off the tousled-look but on me I end up looking like a hag? Another tsk. XD

On Blogging:
I just learned about this Follow Friday meme from one of the blogs I follow. I participated last Friday and two authors started following me! How cool is that! Thanks E.J. Stevens and Emma Michaels! And, of course, also to my new followers! =)

My favorite shot of the week:
I took a shot of our neighbor's dog, Chubby. He's posed for me, mind you. He's cute but I'm not really a pet lover. I'll just stick to "Oh, cute dog..." statements and not "I want to own one".

Goodbye weekend... Hello Monday and work...

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ruthhill74 said...

The book does not sound appealing to me. But I understand. I read "The Murderer's Daughters," and it was a tough but worthwhile read.

I know what you mean about "So You Think You Can Dance." I was more taken in by "America's Got Talent," and I look forward to who the winner will be.

Blessings to you! Drop on my blog some time,if you like.


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