Manic Monday: August 16

Manic Monday meme is hosted by Fleur of Manic Monday.

This week's Manic Monday asks:

What are 5 things you want to do in your life?
1. I want to work for Oprah.
2. Tour around the world.
3. Join in world missions.
4. Help out a cause on illiteracy and human trafficking.
5. Own a coffee or flower farm.

What are you saying goodbye to?
Temper, insomnia and procrastination.

What are you currently fascinated with?
Formula 1, blogging and creating different ways how to mix yogurt with pasta.

Happy Monday everyone! =)


Tarunita said...

Am new to this meme....Enjoyed reading your answers.
Have a great day!

Janet said...

Yogurt & pasta? Tell me more!

Anne said...

@Tarunita: Thanks for dropping by.

@Janet: I got the idea when I first saw Jamie Oliver used yogurt for coleslaw instead of mayonnaise. I experimented and tried it with pasta. I also put a little all-purpose cream. YUM! =)

ruthhill74 said...

following you from manic Monday. Here is my response.

Vanniedosa said...

yogurt & pasta? really? how does that taste like?
great answers btw!

Anne said...

@Vanniedosa: Surprisingly delicious! I'm thinking of cooking another batch later because thinking of it is now making me hungry! =)

Jhari said...

Oh yes, insomnia. I've been dealing with it for years and no chance for healing, haha!

Posted mine late here.

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