Movie Meme: The Stuff of Legends

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This week's topic is all about Future Screen Legends. Who do you think among the actors and actresses under 50 will reach the legend status in 25 years or so?

Drew Barrymore (35)
She first got drunk when she was only 9 years old and was already a drug addict by the time she hit 11. Despite the odds, she was able to overcome her challenges and is one of the respected actresses in the industry. She's now venturing to producing and directing.

A male wearing a dark green short sleeved shirt. The male is sitting and has both his arms in-front of himself. Shia LaBeouf (24)
Just ignore his run-in with the law, then you got a legend in the making. Aside from acting, he has also tried his hand in directing. He is good with comedy but he can also pull off drama. Did you see him in New York, I Love You? You should.

Cate Blanchett (41)
From playing as the Queen to an elf to an antagonist with a bob cut, Cate Blanchett is legend worthy. She has already earned enough nominations to be considered a legend.

Leonardo DiCaprio (35)
Is there any role that this guy can't tackle? Though he hasn't earned an Oscar, this doesn't detract him from being legend-worthy. Except for that dismal and corny "Man in the Iron Mask" movie, Leo's roles are deep and display his acting abilities.

Ellen Page (23)
Who can resist Juno? Ellen Page just played the role with effortless aplomb that stole the heart of the viewers. She may still have a short career so far but give her another 20 years, this girl will evolve into a legendary thespian.

Johnny Depp (47)
Officer Tom Hanson, Edward Scissorhands, Gilbert Grape, Sam, Ichabod Crane, Don Juan, Willy Wonka, Captain Jack Sparrow, The Mad Hatter... need we say more? To quote The Vicar of Dibley: "Johnny Please-Use-Your-Scissorhands-To-Snip-My-Pants-Off-Immediately Depp..."


The Gal Herself said...

I so agree with you on Johnny Depp! Remember how he and Leo were in Gilbert Grape together? Did we know then how good they were going to become? And I loved Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens.

Anne said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting! Oh yeah! Gilbert Grape was one of the best! I haven't watched Grey Gardens but it's in my to-watch list. =)

Lindsey said...

Ellen is such a great actress too! Good list :)

The Bumbles said...

I considered including Drew myself. There are times she annoys me, and times where she blows me away. But I always respect her determination.

Anne said...

@The Bumbles: That's why I included her in my list. Her determination is one of her core strength. =)

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