Manic Monday: August 9

Manic Monday meme is hosted by Fleur of Manic Monday.

1. Right now, what's on your mind
  • I'm thinking whether to sleep early, read a book or watch "Some Kind of Wonderful".

2. List 10 things you expect from a good friend.

  • Someone who will not forget my birthday.

  • Accepts me for who I am.

  • Someone who will not judge me on my reactions.

  • Someone who will not be afraid to kick my ass when I mess up.

  • Thoughtful.

  • Always know how to make me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

  • Someone who will appreciate my bluntness.

  • Someone who stimulates me intellectually. After all, great minds think alike!

  • Someone who doesn't offer advice, but instead gives assistance in looking for a solution.

  • A good friend is someone who will always have my back and would not hesitate to rush to my side when I need her/him. (singing Stand By Me...)

3. What's something you've done that you wish you hadn't?

  • Those instances when in anger I reacted. As what they said, "In anger, do not sin."


Janet said...

that's a great list of qualities!

Anne said...

Thanks Janet! Thanks for visiting my site. =)

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