Monday Movie Meme: Stolen Goods

It's been quite sometime since I last participated in Monday Movie Meme. I miss it! This week, it's all about heists, robberies and capers. I love heist movies. The suspense, the adrenaline rush and the great twists in the ending are just some of the things that keep me hook. 

Here are my choices in any order:

1. The Italian Job (2003)
3. Ocean's Trilogy (2001, 2004, 2007)
4. Point Break (1991)
5. So Close (2002)
6. Inception (2010)
9. Entrapment (1999)
10. Hackers (1995)

For more Heist and Capers, please visit the The Bumbles blog.


The Gal Herself said...

You said we had nothing in common, but we both listed Ocean's 11. I enjoyed both Thomas Crown Affairs -- the one with Steve McQueen and the remake with Pierce Brosnan.

Anne said...

Oh right! I forgot about that one! hahaha... XD Silly me!

Lindsey said...

Great choices! Would not have even thought of Inception or The Perfect Score, although they are great movies! :)

Amy said...

Nice list! I meant to put The Perfect Score on my list and forgot! I really liked that movie. I cannot believe I forgot all about The Ocean's movies, esp. Ocean's Twelve. You may have been away from Monday Movie's for a while but you came back with a vengeance!
I have Entrapment & The Thomas Crown Affair movies on my list too!

Great job, glad you are back & participating in the movie meme!
~ Amy

Amy said...

Oops! In my post aboce, talking about the Ocean's movies I wrote "esp. Ocean's Twelve" Well, I meant Ocean's Eleven! Silly me!
Of course, the awesome cast in all of the Ocean's movies makes them so watchable! lol

Dawn K. said...

Some wonderful choices -- I only listed 5 on mine and we both had Oceans 11. I forgot about Inception -- that movie was awesome and while many people hated Point Break, I've seen it dozens of times!


The Bumbles said...

Point Break! BRILLIANT choice!!!

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