Thursday 13: 13 Covers of U2's All I Want is You


U2 is one of my favorite bands. A legend in the music industry. Of all the U2 songs, my all time favorite is "All I Want You". The song just simply wrenches my heart out and brings me to 7th heaven. My statement sort of clashes, but I think most people will understand what I'm trying to say.

While tinkering with Apple's latest addition to iTunes, Ping, I realize that several bands have tributes to U2's songs. I went to Wikipedia, researched and found out that there are exactly 13 different covers of "All I Want You". Perfect enough to be my topic for this week's Thursday 13.

Here's a stub from Wikipedia:
"All I Want Is You" is the 17th song on U2's 1988 album, Rattle and Hum and was released in 1989 as the album's fourth and final single. It is the closing song from the movie Rattle and Hum.
YearCovered byAlbum
1999Absolute RockA Tribute to the Greatest Hits of U2
1999Mission UKWe Will Follow: A Tribute to U2
1999Royal Philharmonic OrchestraPride: The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays U2
1999Tufts BeelzebubsInfinity
2000KaneWith or Without You
2000Vitamin String QuartetStrung Out on U2
2002BellefireAfter the Rain and All I Want Is You
2004Jars of ClayIn the Name of Love: Artists United for Africa
2005Les Paul and Johnny RzeznikAmerican Made World Played
2005Mark GearyEven Better Than the Real Thing Vol. 3
2006Sugarplum FairiesCountry International Records
2007Rockabye Baby!Lullaby Renditions of U2
2008Glen CampbellMeet Glen Campbell

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Lil Ms Snarky said...

i love me some u2! lol. i love the lullabies & jars of clay!

colleen said...

I like U2 2 but don't know the history of their music as well as you do.

Anne said...

@Ms Snarky: The Strung Out on U2 is one of the many things in my wishlist for Christmas.

@Colleen: Wikipedia is my bestfriend. =)

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