BTT: Disaster

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This week's question:

You’ve just dropped your favorite, out-of-print book into a bathtub, ruining it completely … What do you do now?

I can foresee that my first reaction will be to say some expletive a mile long and preferably in my dialect. We are talking about a ruined out-of-print book and I'm very possessive with my books. Then my next course of action is to go to Amazon or Book Depository and hope they still have some copies left. If not... well who says life is fair. It's my fault anyway for being careless. Hmmm... I better give a note to myself: Don't read while in the bathtub. XD


busy91 said...

Don't read in bathtub, near pool, near a puddle. LOL.
Booking Through Thursday

Lori said...

I would never read in the tub...Here's My BTT.

Alayne said...

Hahaha love the mile-long expletive. :) My answer is at The Crowded Leaf.

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