Thursday 13: Top 13 Most Played Songs in iTunes


It's been quite sometime since I last posted here. More than a month! Really? I better get back in the wagon and start off with Thursday 13.

I'm doing again the Top 13 Most Played songs in iTunes. 

Top 1: Revelation Song - Jesus Culture (164 plays)
Top 2: Cosmic LoveDescription: - Florence + The Machine (115 plays)
Top 3: Never Said AnythingDescription: - Steve Strait (110 plays)
Top 4: These RosesDescription: - Gin Wigmore (104 plays)
Top 5: The Way I AmDescription: - Ingrid Michaelson (104 plays)
Top 6: HappierDescription: - A Fine Frenzy (103 plays)
Top 7: Walking After YouDescription: - Foo Fighters (92 plays)
Top 8: HallelujahDescription: - Gin Wigmore (63 plays)
Top 9: Orange SkyDescription: - Alexi Murdoch (57 plays)
Top 10: S.O.S.Description: - Gin Wigmore (49 plays)
Top 11: Under My SkinDescription: - Gin Wigmore (47 plays)
Top 12: Easy Come, Easy GoDescription: - Gin Wigmore (45 plays)
Top 13: Walking After You Music Video - Foo Fighters (35 plays)

I'm always surprised when I view my top most played songs in iTunes. Before I formatted my hard drive, I had a very different list and I was also surprised with the previous list. You can compare this with my previous list posted last July 29. Never fails to put a smile on face.

Happy Thursday! What's your Thursday 13? For more Thursday 13, please click here.


Shelley Munro said...

I have a couple of Gin Wigmore songs on my iPod too.

I am Harriet said...

I must be out of it :)

Have a great day!

Alice Audrey said...

Whah. The Foo Fighter's video isn't available in my country. Stupid Sony rules.

Anne said...

@Shelley: Isn't she great? =)

@Harriet: Out of what? Love the article you shared. We need to be aware if we are being obnoxious. =)

@Alice: Try this link: Enjoy! =)

Heather said...

The only one I know (and like) is Ingrid Michaelson.

Anne said...

@Heather: That's okay. My friends tell me I have a weird taste in music. =)

Hazel said...

I wonder what that Hallelujah is about. Might go check. At first I thought those were two arms on the guitar :)

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