Monday Movie Meme: Ticket to Paradise

What better way to jumpstart my blogging than to participate in the Monday Movie Meme!

This week's topic is all about movies that transport us to another part of the world or another place in time. Whether set in a beach, stunning cities or places of retreat, these movies make us want to hop on the next available plane. If money is not an issue, I'll make sure I have villas or properties in these places.

Set in the country where I want to settle for the rest of my life - Italia! The vineyards, the villas, and the cobbled streets are just some of the reasons that make me want to watch these 2 movies over and over again. Bellisima! And oh yeah, Italian men.

I'll be ten times the fool if I will not include France in my list-of-places-to-visit-before-I-die. The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, french bread, french pastries and french kiss... those should count right? Paris Je'taime!

Who can resist beaches? I definitely can't and won't. The perfect way to unwind is by going to the beach and lounging on the white sand. Bean bags, mats or hammocks, any of them will do. The movies above are all set in different tropical paradises. Royal Over-water Pool Villas? Enough said.

Ancient ruins, crystal blue waters and Greek men. Those are explanation enough.

·        Just Like Heaven / Mrs. Doubtfire
The view where Reese Witherspoon's character watched the children playing is amazing! Those steep streets and the famous cable car are just one of the attractions that I want to see once I'll get the chance to visit the US. We shouldn't forget the Painted Ladies. Is it possible to buy one of those houses?

·        Sex and the City
Carrie should be elected as the ambassador of New York City. She makes me want to live in New York, specifically in that apartment that she and Mr. Big didn't take.

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Lindsey said...

Oooh, your choice picks are mesmerizing; love your responses!

Anne said...

Thanks Lindsey! =)

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