Back at One

Whew! It has been a month since I last posted here. Having a hard drive meltdown is not an easy situation. It's like I lost a quarter of my existence when the hard drive of my company-issued laptop crashed. The worst thing is that I forgot to back up my files. X( All the reports that I made, all the pictures that I collected, all of my ebooks... they are gone like the wind passing by. Good thing I didn't store my music files there. Phew!

I was so positive that I will be able to retrieve my files. Visualization is one of my strongest traits and I was very optimistic about it. I.T. tried reviving it. Louie, our tech trainer, tried his best. Another technical support agent made an attempt. Jenny, my housemate, diddled with it. But to no avail, my visualization did not work this time. I have to say bye-bye to the files I've collated for the past four years.

Moral lessons of the story: Back up your files all the time and don't rely too much in technology. FYI: my laptop is still defective and I'm still waiting for the replacement of the fried hard drive. I wish I can tell you the brand of the laptop I'm using, but I'd rather not. I try not to brand bash nowadays. I do not recommend this brand. If you want to get the value of your money go buy a Mac!

To put a closure, here are my diatribe on things to do when you're hard drive crashes:

1. Take it out on the boss. (I did! Well, indirectly. XD)
2. Blame it on the manufacturer of the laptop.
3. Search for file recovery companies and hope that their fee will not cost you another laptop.
4. Don't bother working. It will remind you of what you lost.
5. Blame it on the manufacturer of the hard drive.

---- XD

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